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    About Vomaro

    Straight from the factory, tailor-made.

    Vomaro op maatVomaro offers you, directly from the factory, custom-made steel fronts, (insulated) frames, windows, doors, sliding doors, pivot doors, harmonica doors, automatic doors, fire-resistant fronts and doors, baseboards, conservatories, voids, stairs, balcony partitions, kitchen applications, outdoor areas, etc. In addition, we supply glass doors in all possible designs and shades, with luxury hinges and locks and fittings.

    Wide application possibilities

    Steel offers a wide range of applications, is timeless, as well as tough and elegant at the same time. Steel provides style, comfort, distinctive character, spatial effect and optimal living enjoyment.

    Multiple target groups

    Vomaro works on behalf of both private individuals and business customers: consumers, companies (hospitality / shops / offices), (interior) architects and designers, stylists, designers and contractors. This diversity creates innovative, challenging ideas, with which Vomaro is constantly able to surprise with new designs.

    • All designs are negotiable
    • Expert and professional advice
    • Craftsmanship
    • Execution and service are of the highest quality
    • Our products are widely used by highly renowned interior designers and architects